Parents As Partners

We value parents' input in the nursery and have set up a parents' committee who meet bi-monthly at 5-45pm (day to suit the majority of parents). We have a creche for the children.

The meetings are very informal but are very valuable to the staff. Nursery activities are discussed, children's development and curriculum, forthcoming events i.e. parent/staff nights out, children's trips, activity plans and resources and policies and procedures.

It's also a good opportunity to meet other parents and share ideas and thoughts on how to develop the nursery and quality of care for your child.

Key Worker

During one of your induction visits you will be introduced to your child's key worker. She will be involved in making sure the activities planned develop your child's full potential. If your child is unsure of any activity, the key worker's role is to encourage your child to perform it, adapting it if necessary to ensure achievability and, above all, to ensure that your child enjoys the experience.


How's It Going?

Each child has a portfolio of observations made by the key worker. The observations cover the Early years Foundation Stage.

Parents are given the portfolios every six months and are asked to comment if they want to before they return them. On leaving the nursery we give you the portfolio as a keepsake of your child's days at the nursery.

Parent Staff Nights Out
We have two or three nights out per year depending on parents' choice. Parents decide the venue and times of the year. They have proved to be very enjoyable and gives parents and staff chance to meet outside of the nursery setting.
Family Days Out
Again they are decided by the parents and are open to Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, etc.
Open Door Policy
We operate an open door policy and welcome parents who call at our nursery during the day. We also welcome phone calls. In fact, all contact is encouraged so that you can be reassured that your child is happy and secure at Griffin Nursery.