What's For Lunch?

The children are given three meals a day.

Breakfast: Which consists of a variety of cereals or toast. Diluted fresh orange or a milky drink. Breakfast is self served by the children to encourage self help skills and independence.

Lunch: Is a two course meal cooked fresh on the premises. A member of staff sits at each table and the meal is served in serving dishes so that the children have a choice of variety and amount. The children are encouraged to try new tastes but are never forced to eat anything they do not like.

Tea: Is a light meal often containing finger foods, dry and fresh fruit. Finger foods.........wraps/ barms

A light snack is given in the afternoon.


Meals are always planned and a copy is displayed on the notice board.

A daily blackboard is on display as often the children choose their own menu, shop for the ingredients and also make it themselves.

We try very hard to ensure that all meals are healthy and balanced. All foods are checked to make sure they do not contain additives, flavouring and excess salt. There is a list of additives that we check against on the parents' notice board.

Babies under twelve months are not given dairy products or juice unless specifically authorised by the parent.

We also have our own 'Griffin Nursery' Cookbook so if your child enjoys a certain dish, you can try it t home.